Nobody wants to pay for expensive home repair bills. That is the reason why home warranties appeal to so many people. For a set fee each year home owners can have some assurance that whenever a mechanical problem occurs in the home, someone else will pick up the tab, right? …Sort of.

Plumbing contractors decide to do work for these warranty companies for a number of different reasons. The upside for the contractor is that they have a chance to build their customer base when first starting out. The hope is that after the warranty expires they will have built a rapport with the home owner and can count on getting calls from them for future repairs. If a repair isn’t covered by the warranty company the contractor has a chance to bid on the repair for the normal retail price. There are a few established companies who pick up warranty work as a supplement to their own customer base when things are slow.

The downside for the contractor is that the rates these warranty customers pay is usually well below market value. This means that a plumbing contractor has to honor his commitment to make a given repair at a low price while at the same time doing so in a quality manner so that it will last. If the repair fails, it’s the contractor who is liable for making it right, and on his dime. This puts many contractors in a difficult position.

At Pathmaker Plumbing we are home owners too. We believe the best person to make decisions about how a house should be repaired is the home owner. Our job is to empower home owners to make the best possible decisions by giving them good information. We take our time to properly diagnose problems. We put our experience to work for you by pointing out things that will lead to future problems. We put control of your home into your hands.

Below is a link to an article from providing an accurate scope for the purpose of home warranty companies. It offers viewpoints from a number of different home warranty customers across the nation and highlights some of the pros and cons to having these contracts.

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