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Do you need help removing a drain clog? Does your home or business experience need assistance with a drain repair or sewer repair?

Turn to the expert team at Pathmaker Plumbing, serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding region with top quality plumbing solutions for both home and business.

A damaged drain or sewer problem can become very dangerous very quickly. This is due to the health hazard that can arise from backed-up sewage, which may fail to drain if a drain is clogged or otherwise damaged.


What Causes Drain Clogs and Sewer/Drain Damage? 


There are lots of things that can clog a sewer or drain, even resulting in a backup into your home or business, including:

  • flushing items other than toilet paper and waste;
  • flushing an unusually high volume of toilet paper or paper towels;
  • hair accumulation in the drains and pipes; and
  • failing to place a filter on the drain on your washer, resulting in socks and other small items getting sucked into the drain pipes.

A sewage backup may also occur if you fail to upgrade the plumbing lines to accommodate a higher volume of waste. This same problem can arise if you don’t properly care for your septic tank or place a high demand on the septic system. Sewage may fail to break down properly if your septic system isn’t populated with the right bacteria, causing an overflow and backup into the house.

If a clogged drain or sewer line is inundated with water (e.g. due to a shower, bath or a load of laundry), this can cause the sewage to back up inside the line because the partially blocked drain cannot keep up with the flow of liquid and waste.

The sewage can ultimately emerge from the drains inside your home or business. Sewage backups can also arise in the event of a complete drain clog. In the case of a complete clog, the sewage will remain in place. It won’t drain away slowly as occurs with a partial drain clog or blockage.

Underground sewer lines may disintegrate and collapse over time, especially if they’re located in an area with invasive tree roots, which may crack, damage and invade the sewer line. Blockages and clogs can also impact a sewer.

Signs of a drain clog, or a problem with the drain or sewer include slow draining, an inability to drain water/sewage, sewage backups and an odor of sewage.


Drain Clog Removal and Drain/Sewer Repair in Charlotte, NC


If you need help with drain repair, drain clog removal, sewer repair or other plumbing services, contact the friendly team here at Pathmaker Plumbing, serving all of Charlotte, NC and beyond.

Pathmaker Plumbing’s expert team is fully bonded, licensed and insured, providing our clients with total peace of mind knowing they’re working with a team of professional experts.

Call Pathmaker Plumbing to discuss your plumbing problem today at 704-733-7507. Serving Charlotte, Concord, Harrisburg and Kannapolis, NC.


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At Pathmaker Plumbing, we provide quality profession plumbing services including repair and replacement of water heaters and tankless water heaters, drain repair, leak repair and leak detection, replacement of sinks, showers, faucets, toilet repair, garbage disposal repair or replacement and more. Proudly service Charlotte, Concord, Harrisburg, PinevilleBallantyne, Weddington, Waxhaw, Matthews, Mint Hill, Huntersville, Cotswald and Indian Trail, NC.

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