Summer Plumbing Tips

You can take some precautions and watch for certain warning signs to decrease the chances of a plumbing emergency zapping the fun out of your summer. Some of these steps you can do on your own and some will require the help of a professional plumber.

Keep Your Drains Clean

You can avoid an emergency by keeping your drains clear of debris. Be careful if you decide to use commercial drain cleaning chemicals, since many can actually damage your pipes. Have a professional, who can use special equipment to safely clean your drains, visit your home often. Having your drains professionally cleaned can help you avoid emergencies like broken appliances and flooding.

Watch for Warning Signs

If you notice damp drywall, a wet floor or noisy pipes, you should contact a plumber. These signs can mean you have a bigger problem that should be addressed right away.

Maintain Your Appliances and Fixtures

Taking good care of washing machines, dish washers, sinks and toilets can help you avoid an emergency. Use these things as directed and if you notice something isn’t working properly, have a plumber perform any needed maintenance.

Locate and Know How to Use the Water Shutoff Valve

Find and label your water shutoff valve so that if you do have an emergency, you can quickly turn off all water flow into your home. In an emergency, the water shutoff valve can help you avoid further damage and give you time to contact a plumber.

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