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Check Local Government Websites: Visit the website of your local city or county government. They often have a licensing division or department that maintains records of licensed professionals, including plumbers. Look for a section related to contractor licensing or search for a directory of licensed professionals.
State Licensing Board: Many states have a licensing board or agency that oversees professional licenses, including plumbing licenses. You can usually find this information on the official website of your state government. Look for a section related to professional regulation, licensing, or a specific board for plumbers.
Online Databases: Some states and localities provide online databases where you can search for licensed professionals by name, license number, or company name. These databases are usually accessible through the licensing board or regulatory agency's website.
Ask the Plumber: You can also ask the plumber directly for their license number and the issuing authority. This information allows you to verify their license through online resources or by contacting the licensing board.
It's important to ensure that any plumber you hire is properly licensed and insured. Licensing typically ensures that the plumber has met certain requirements for training, experience, and knowledge, providing you with assurance of their competence and adherence to industry standards.

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John was absolutely the best plumber I have ever had any where I have ever lived (IA, CA, FL, OH and now NC). I am so happy to finally have met such an informative, professional and helpful plumber. He took care of everything that I expected and then some!!! Thank you John!!!

Kathie M

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